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Ease Of Use

Bluebird allows your customers and their entire team to send gifts to anyone, easily, which results in more orders that flow through you - their distributor.

Platform to send and track gifts easily

Distributors Gain:

Increased efficiency = more time to sell

Bluebird increases revenue through...

Gifting Automation

Bluebird users can automatically order, customize, and send swag for events like new hires' first day, a follow-up after a sales pitch, customer onboarding, or a virtual event.

Increased recurring orders & profits

A remote "Swag Closet" with NO kitting headaches

Reduce efforts to build & send campaigns

Your Clients Gain:

Sell Unique Solutions, Not Products

Bluebird provides a solution that solves challenging marketing outreach issues for your accounts. It's no longer a conversation about product cost.

Expand Accounts

Bluebird In Action: Blagency

"After implementing Bluebird, I saw a massive change in my business. I went from having a coordinator calling me getting a quote for pricing to just being the trusted supplier for any of their promo needs. I started being the single source of truth for the company, which expanded my relationship into 6 new departments and increased revenue 10x."

Greg Schneeweis

Vice President - Blagency


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Start Automating – 

Start Scaling

Bluebird is an automated sending platform delivering handwritten notes, personalized gifts, and digital e-gifts to your customers, customers’ prospects, and teammates.

Make sending easy 

Increase promo sales

Generate reasons to buy Swag

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Bluebird gives your clients a new level of service to integrate across their org, making it easy to capture more buyers when departments share best practices.

Average Order Revenue


Revenue Per Client


Promotional Campaigns Ran

With Bluebird Everyone Wins

Sticky account relationships

Increased department penetration

Automate gifting best practices

Integrate your services easily into new departments

Integrate your services easily into new departments